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Small O.D. Drill Bushing - #21 (.1590) OD x #40 (.0980) ID
Small O.D. Drill Bushing - #21 (.1590) OD x #40 (.0980) ID
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Item code BAT-14481
Price $8.95
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Small O.D. Drill Bushings - very hard to find - we have them in stock! 
Use our small O.D. Drill Bushings to pick up existing holes as you install new parts or aircraft skins. For example, if you are replacing a belly skin on an aircraft, you will have plenty of full size fastener holes in the existing underlying structure (stringers, clips, longerons, etc.). Use our Small O.D. Drill Bushings to drill a perfectly located pilot hole into the new skin or part while it is clamped up against the existing structure. You can then step the holes up to full size.

These are REAL Drill Bushings, expertly machined from tool steel and PERFECTLY hardened and heat-treated for a long and useful life. We are stocking 17 different sizes that you will need and use, including the most common sizes for aircraft fasteners such as Hi-Loks, CherryMAX, and solid rivets.

-   3/8" Length (measured under the head)
-   Size is laser engraved on the head of the bushing for easy selection.
-   Head/Shoulder diameter is 5/16"
-   Entry side is chamfered for ease of drill bit entry.
-   Perfectly heat-treated and hardened.

Part #  BAT-14481          #21(.1590) Outside Diameter X #40(.0980) Inside Diameter

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