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STARRETT® 6" Combination Square - USA MADE!
STARRETT® 6" Combination Square - USA MADE!
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Item code 11H-6-16R
SKU/EAN 11H-6-16R
Price $93.95
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We are now an AUTHORIZED MASTER DISTRIBUTOR of STARRETT® brand products! We buy directly from the factory with no middle man! STARRETT® has been in business since 1880 and is one of the most respected names in the metal working industry - go into any professional machine shop and you are likely to see many STARRETT® tools. STARRETT® products are built to the absolute highest standards and are intended for the professional aircraft technician or machinist.

Model 11H-6-16R
STARRETT®  6" Combination Square – American Made!

·         Cast iron head with black wrinkle finish 
.    Hardened steel blade with photo engraved measurements
.    Quick-read blade is measured in 50ths, 100ths(perfect for aviation work), 32nds, & 64ths.
.    Blade is 3/4" wide x 5/64" thick. Blade can be separated from the square head and used alone as a straight edge or 6" scale.
·         Built in spirit level and removable scribe (stored in square head)
·         Extremely high quality tool designed for the professional! 

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