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STARRETT® 6" Digital Caliper - USA MADE!
          STARRETT® 6" Digital Caliper - USA MADE!
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Item code 798A-6/150
SKU/EAN 798A-6/150
Price $198.95
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We are now an AUTHORIZED MASTER DISTRIBUTOR of STARRETT® brand products! We buy directly from the factory and do not go through a middle man! STARRETT® has been in business since 1880 and is one of the most respected names in the metal working industry - go into any professional machine shop and you are likely to see many STARRETT® tools. STARRETT® products are built to the absolute highest standards and are intended for the professional aircraft technician or machinist.

Model 798A-6/150
STARRETT®   6” Digital Caliper   –   American Made!

·         Large, easy to read LCD - .310" character height 
.    "IP67" compliant - VERY dust and water resistant
.    Linear accuracy meets the "DIN862" standard
·         Heavy-duty bar and slide / fine adjustment and slide lock
.    Ships complete with a heavy duty fitted plastic case
·         Can be used in inch or mm increments
·         Hardened stainless steel measuring surfaces for long life
·         .0005" (0.010mm) resolution
·         Can be "zeroed" at any position / auto shutoff after 30 minutes
.    Uses CR2032 3V battery- expect one year battery life under normal use

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